We can change our reality

A handy feature of being human

I’ve recently been exploring those traits that make us human, and how they define our place in the cosmos. Today, I’m looking at reality perception.

What is reality, really? For most creatures, it is a representation of our environment developed by processing data we get from our sense organs. But for sentient creatures such as humans, we can add another layer to our realities.

This layer is the perception layer. It is the filter we apply to every stimulus, every observation, and every experience we have. It is unique to every individual, but each species has a unique style of perception. Aliens won’t think like us, that’s for sure.

Whenever I feel like, or when I see the need, I can consciously alter my perception of events. Since — from my own point of view, at least—only my reality matters, I have in effect changed the Universe.

Whatever I believe is real. Whatever I feel is real. Whatever I think is real. Whatever I choose to see is all that matters.

And that remains true for every one of us. While we cannot alter anyone else’s perception of events, we can choose to see things in a different light—our own light.

I choose to see humans as a species who, despite our flaws, deserves a chance at greatness. I genuinely believe that the Solar System, the galaxy, and the Universe is made much better because we are here. And it’s all true.

Writes about people, the future, and the Universe. Has met aliens.