Curious about the world in our skulls; harnessing the human mind for amazing things. Avid lucid dreamer and science-fiction fan. @berniethewriter on Twitter.

It’s a simple mind-over-matter problem that everyone can learn to solve

Drawing of human heart in a wireframe cube box. Trapped heart
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Millions of years ago, your simian ancestors evolved to feel a sudden and uncontrollable urge to throw something when another ape stole their banana. Now you do the same thing when someone drinks your coffee without permission. You’d think we’d be past that by now.

Your emotions are a form…

How dreaming can help your mind heal itself and overcome challenges in real life


What happened in your dreams last night?

If you’re anything like I was up until last month, you probably found yourself strapped into a climbing harness, scaling Everest as a tornado thundered up the icy slopes. And it’s all good, believe me.

Researchers theorize that dreams help us store memories…

Exploring the limits of human relationships

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Traditionally, the best of human/extraterrestrial interactions have been purely platonic, governed by mutual self-interest. The worst usually end in mass extinction and planetary destruction.

But today I’d like to discuss the possibility of a true interspecies relationship. Why is it possible, and what are the obstacles?

Humans and aliens could…

Bernie Robert

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