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Writes about people, the future, and the Universe. Has met aliens.

Our lives are filled with huge blank spaces

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Last night, something terrible happened.

As I lay on my bed, I tried to amuse myself by recollecting how I spent my day, the 22nd of October, 2021.

And I couldn’t.

I couldn’t even remember what I ate for breakfast.

I convinced myself that it was just plain old mental…

Exploring the architectural limits of our species

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Over the centuries, humans have built a lot of cool, sometimes useful stuff. But my aliens and I wanted to answer a question: just how big (or small) can we go?

The records

Last night, I killed a mosquito.

It may sound commonplace—not at all a noteworthy event—but its a big deal…

We’re all going where the solar wind blows, and that’ll kill us someday

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Humans have made terrific advances in science and technology, especially over the last century. But we have no plan for the long term, and that spells disaster.

A planetary roadmap

I finally asked my alien friends, the Florg, how they came to Earth. Not the physics of it—they’ll never explain that to me—but…

We have to do it alone, as always

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My aliens and I were discussing the future of our species, and the outlook was pretty grim. They say we’re hitting the proverbial ceiling, and we need to act fast.

The problems

Every morning, I wake up and brew a coffee. In that half-awake state, it’s easy to think that all is…

Questioning our understanding of reality

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Reality is something we all know, but do not understand. The very nature of reality prevents this. So I ask: what if this is someone’s dream?

It’s not a new question—only a variant of the simulation argument. But this adds a new subjective layer to everything, and I’d like to…

Extraterrestrial thoughts on the future of religion

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my life lately. No, not my career aspirations, relationships, retirement plans. I mean my real life—the one that concerns my spirit and soul and all that.

I’m a Christian, so I’m supposed to be very clear on that. But sometimes I’m not.

My alien…

Apocalypse survival tips from my extraterrestrial friends

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During a cursory inspection of my spaceship two days ago, I discovered something new and disconcerting; I didn’t have a fire extinguisher on board.

And while it sounds like the most insignificant of things — after all, if your spaceship is on fire, you’re basically toast—it made me doubt humanity’s…

What do we really have to gain from meeting extraterrestrials?

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Since we first discovered planets around other stars, humans have wanted to meet any alien neighbors we might have. But what could we really gain from such a meeting?

Glad (alien) tidings

I’ve had lots of interesting discussions with my personal ET acquaintances, on topics ranging from society and politics, to their favourite…

Here’s the real answer to the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything

Somewhere in the cosmos, thousands of light-years away, there is an alien philosopher named Ham. He’s dedicated his life to finding the meaning of, well, life. Ham is about to die, and he still doesn’t know the answer.

We are all Ham.

Imagine the Universe as an elaborate simulation; sorta…

Extraterrestrial forms of age-old evils

Being the foolish optimist that I am, I’ve always assumed that aliens would be the best thing since sliced bread. I believed that they would have developed superior economic and social systems. They would live in utopia, surpassing everything humans could ever dream of.

Lucky for me, the first bunch…

Bernie Robert

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