Philosopher and sci-fi fan with a perpetual existential crisis.

How dreaming can help your mind heal itself and overcome challenges in real life


What happened in your dreams last night?

If you’re anything like I was up until last month, you probably found yourself strapped into a climbing harness, scaling Everest as a tornado thundered up the icy slopes. And it’s all good, believe me.

Researchers theorize that dreams help us store memories…

Exploring the limits of human relationships

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Traditionally, the best of human/extraterrestrial interactions have been purely platonic, governed by mutual self-interest. The worst usually end in mass extinction and planetary destruction.

But today I’d like to discuss the possibility of a true interspecies relationship. Why is it possible, and what are the obstacles?

Humans and aliens could…

We’re all going where the solar wind blows, and that’ll kill us someday

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Humans have made terrific advances in science and technology, especially over the last century. But we have no plan for the long term, and that spells disaster.

A planetary roadmap

I finally asked my alien friends, the Florg, how they came to Earth. Not the physics of it—they’ll never explain that to me—but…

Bernie Robert

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